• Valley of Flowers

    Nothing says spring and summer quite like the blooming fresh flowers that renders a feeling of tranquillity and peace with their vibrant colors and enchanting fragrance.

    Away from the noise of the city and the hustle and bustle of daily life, Valley of Flowers is set to bring you closer to nature and let you experience joy and delight.
    The bright colors of the dainty perennials adds a sense of serenity, while the encircling greenery brings harmony. The aesthetical beauty of a blossoming floret elevates the mood and enhances the ambience.

    Imagine living in the surroundings adorned with bed of blooming flowers and the lush green foliage, you begin to feel an overpowering sense of calm, the tender energy of the evergreen succulents connecting with your heart and in no time, you find yourself smiling.

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  • Garden of Thoughts

    Like a breath of fresh air, Garden Of Thoughts enraptures you in a dreamy and idyllic frame of mind. Inspired by nature, the refreshing change that is brought by the blooming carnations lets you muse over the forgotten memories from your past.

    Reminiscing those special moments from your childhood and the kinship with nature instils a sentiment of positivity and repose. The sunlit blue skies, the prolonged playful afternoons in the garden with fanciful topiaries, meandering paths, graceful fountains,  treasuring the delight of mother nature fosters a warmth of nostalgia.

    Indulging in memories of nature echo the essence of the times gone by, rendering you into a meditative state offering great healing.
    Take a step back, slumber in the contentment of the bygones and reverie in the evocations of the former times.

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  • Ethnic Elegance

    Enchanted by the folklore and mythology, Ethnic Elegance endeavours to connect you to the roots of your ethnicity and appreciate your cultural heritage. The elegance of the natural elements merged with the crafts of our traditions brings such artwork to life that transcends into a contemporary realization.
    India’s ancient and rich heritage has been the source of inspiration

    Flowers represent the country’s unity in the form of diversity, liveliness, and generosity, providing it a rich cultural fragrance and values. A single flower or a bunch of flowers can gladden the mind and confer prosperity.

    In the various traditions, flowers have forever been associated with the Creator, religion, worship with innumerable myths, and legends across. Similarly, flowers have forever remained an integral part of Indian culture. In every phase of life’s celebrations, festivals and prayers, flowers hold a special position.

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