About Us

Melodde Mafatlal is a homegrown premium lifestyle brand which endeavours to bring the local artisans’ handcrafted work to the forefront, blending the traditional art with modern sensibility and designs to give them a universal charm.
Traditional Indian Artistry, being so ancient and varied, deserves to not only be revived but celebrated. Our vision is to popularize India’s culturally diverse and distinct traditional artwork all over the world. We aspire to bring the splendor of block prints into vogue and be a familiar sight in all households globally.
Our handcrafted products are a testament to the India’s local artisans and their craftsmanship. Embracing our cultural heritage and regional handwork traditions, we strive to bring authentic handmade fabrics, designs and products to our customers.
Our in-house designers persistently work to create charming, graceful and relevant designs, elevating the artisanal products to give them a well-crafted and contemporary look. Inspired by elements of nature, culture and history, every collection is curated to tell you a story and take you on a journey.

We endeavor to bring keenly priced, high quality premium products to our customers and give value for their money. Our products are designed to last and add grandeur and opulence to everyday living.
Keeping in mind our responsibility towards the environment and working towards sustainability, we make handcrafted products and use organic materials and fabrics and natural dyes to keep our carbon footprint to the minimum.

  • The Mafatlal Group, are a 117-year-old Indian conglomerate having interests in the diverse fields of Textiles, Rubber Chemicals, Information Technology, Real Estate, E-commerce, and Healthcare. We hold a strong ethos for values, technology, and adaptability, and this has remained unshaken even though we have witnessed various stages of consolidation and expansions over the years.
    Today we are led by the fifth generation of the Mafatlal Family, Mr. Priyavrata Mafatlal. He is a dynamic entrepreneur who’s instilled a culture of innovation within the group, and his strategic leadership continues to drive us forward.
    Our strong corporate governance system and our effective board have helped meet the demanding needs of our customers. Even with our decades of experience in retail in textiles and other products, we are still constantly innovating and improving ourselves to cater to the large population of the new generation in India.